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Water Leaks

Moisture in the interior of your vehicle?

We know how frustrating it is to be driving a vehicle with moisture in it. Mould, mildew or musty odors can build up in the vehicle. It is best to get rid of the unhealthy and unsafe mouldy odor. Our technicians will find and fix the water leak that may have caused the smell in the first place.

If the mouldy / mildew smell is coming out of the ventilation system of the vehicle, there may be mould growth in the air conditioning evaporator core. Let us help you determine and fix the problem. Contact us today.

Other Unique Services

In addition to water leak repairs, Urban AC Autoworks offers the following unique services. Contact us to talk to our knowledgeable staff for further information.

These services include:
  • Carpet and interior cleaning
  • Evaporator cleanse
  • Ozone treatment
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